Random Acts of Kind Health

What is Random Acts of Kind Health? It means to provide anyone in need with any hygiene product needed. Often these are needs that we take for granted often. This needs becomes a greater challenge when people in our communities do not have access to proper hygiene products. It is not something we think about but there are people in our community  that brush their teeth and have to share their toothbrush with their brothers or sisters. Imagine a community where every person is able to wash their bodies with soap and not just water. Imagine a world where the number one method to combat community illnesses, like the recent Corona Virus pandemic, is something as simple as proper hygiene.

This is the reason why we at EvolveMed developed #RandomActsofKindHealth. This program is focused on providing hygiene necessities for all. EvolveMed provides hygiene kits to Title I schools, the homeless and those in need. 

Hygiene Kits for All

EvolveMed’s main focus is to close the gap between individuals not having proper hygiene products on a day-to-day basis.

#KindHealth, where kindness and preventative care happen.”

Supporting Title 1 Schools

EvolveMed strides to provide hygiene kits to Title 1 Schools in both Miami-Dade and Broward counties along with vaccinations throughout the school year. EvolveMed also provide workshops for parents, guardians, and family regarding hygiene and how to encourage community support for Title 1 Schools. We hope to bring a smile on a kids face with every kit that is provided for them.